Over on Tao Talk, msjadeli posted a marvelous response to ‘s prompt of “skating.” This was to be done in either haiku or haibun. I’ve never heard of haibun, so a quick googling informed me that it is prose poetry plus haiku. Often the prose is about a place or travelling. Cool. I knew I had some Second Life skating images. I tried my hand:

The stream slides beneath its icy crust, defining fenced fields and cutting copses. Around a tight bend, easily missed, where the water traces an outcropping, is a chink in the rock — entrance to an alcove carved by water and time. Safe, protected from the elements and interlopers. The floor a perfect frozen mirror donated by the stream. Sparkling lanterns float: ethereal and silent, a gift from unknown souls.

Skates poised on edge
Winter’s sharp tongues fire muscle
Reach to heaven. Leap!

A bit about the images: They are original digital images created in Second Life. They are not Photoshopped (or any other post-production work); they are screenshots. These two stylized images, obviously very similar, were taken with two different light and contrast settings. I’ve never figured out which I prefer, so here’s both! Another control was tortured and pushed to create a hatched texture, a bit reminiscent of canvas.

The prose bit of the haibun faithfully replicates finding this hidden ice chamber in Second Life. That’s my avatar, Seicher. She has better knees than I do.


PS: Yeah, I keep tweaking the poetry each time I read it. Edit edit.


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