Stream of Consciousness Saturday — call 8.4.18

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “call.” Use the word “call” or any word that contains those letters in that order. Have fun!

I’ve been writing this, and other blogs, for many years. In all of that time I’ve written just a handful of politically themed posts. It isn’t that I don’t care, or that I am uninformed, but that I just choose not to write about those things. Maybe it is because I grew up being told (and hit if I disobeyed) that you just don’t talk about politics and religion. That was at a time when religion and politics were two, distinct things, with a notion of separation of church and state.

This post wouldn’t be about political things either, except during my morning coffee I was reading about QAnon. I’ve been seeing this bizarre oddity pop up now for a while, but today I read about it in more detail. This pretty well sums up my thoughts:


followed by:


and then:


From the dark depths of the weird corners of the Internet, this is a classically concocted conspiracy idea, which encompasses everything and nothing and involves, again classically, invisible threats. President Trump is just pretending to be under investigation in a clever countercoup against the global cabal. He masterminded this in a heroic effort to restore power to the people. When that gets boring there are also pedophiles and the sinking of the Titanic by Jews. You know the cacophony created by the orchestra members tuning before the symphony? This is QAnon — a noisy rabble of everything and nothing.

Once I realized that there are a lot of words that end in –cally, I wasn’t sure what to base this stream of consciousness ramble on: Illogically, comically, quizzically, maniacally, ironically, sarcastically…

Crazy conspiracy theories have always existed, but in times of relative calm they tend to get identified for what they are, but when stress is high people want to reach out for things that make sense of the chaos around them. With the Internet, well — KaBoom.

It is easy to mock these theories and the people who believe them. Very easy. How can they have any real effect? Remember how easy it was to believe, “There’s no way Trump will ever be elected”? Now that QAnon has reached the view of the general public, it has gained even more traction. There’s no way to stop or contain these things. The believers will believe. Some carry guns and are already are showing up at places like Hoover Dam and people’s offices. These people can also be counted on to vote.

I’ll try to be more careful about what I’m reading with my coffee on Saturdays. Kittens. We need kittens, albeit not politically motivated kittens (you never know these days).

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