Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “organ.” Talk about an organ or base your post on the theme of them … or one. Have fun!

Blog help always comes in lists now. Seven steps to serenity. The four foods for fantastic health. Ten tips to sleep fast tonight. Bulleted and bolded wisdom for the ages. Close your eyes. Imagine your childhood home. Walk through the rooms. Distracted, sleep descends. Magic. Number nine | I rush through the front door. Hang a left. Quick right. Left. Push the door. Bang! Against the closet door. There’s a dent from the knob. Eyes darting under lids. Look. Empty. Relief. Two beds. No sister in sight. Mine. Uncharacteristic charity let me choose the colors. Dark earthy sage green. Calm. No prissy pink for this girl. Palms flat they run the wall. Feeling the matt. Cool. Comfort. Jump on the bed. Feet sinking soft in. Springs groan. Floral flounced cotton spread. Hands back to the wall. Follow the map. Join the white white window wood. Feels shiny. Open windows side by side. Michigan spring invited inside. With eyes closed I see everything. Without going outside, you may know the whole world. Fields. Forest. Vineyard. Mown lawn. Ancient tree. Curtains rustle in the wind. Clear as the day. I press my nose to screen. Woven metal presses flesh. Inhale. Thin now air becomes redolent. Coursing through passages. Landing on tongue. Tastes like cool morning. Bipolar neurons. Olfactory epithelium. Words from decades forward invade. Stupid brain. Inhale deeply. Again. Again. Warm air out. Cool lilac scented air in. Shoulders drop. Dot’s run down the hill to the right. Small. Everything else is large. Illusory reality. Sensate seduction. The promise of number nine. Failed magic.


About this post: Boy oh boy, this was truly stream of consciousness writing. The prompt was really challenging. I didn’t think I could do it. At noon this page was blank. I believe this is the first prose poem I’ve ever written. At least I think it is a prose poem. I think it is the first. My memory plays some tricks. I’ve been wondering why so many blog and magazine articles have to appear as lists. There was a list about tricks for falling asleep, and one was by mentally revisiting a childhood home in detailed memory. With trepidation I tried it; it became a meditation, complete with competing “right now” thoughts including the phrase from the Tao Te Ching and terminology from an anatomy class. The exercise did not put me to sleep though, quite the opposite. It was relaxing, but also left my mind sharpened afterward. As to the prompt, it is about the sensory organs.


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