Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “3-letter word.” Start your post with any 3-letter word. Bonus points if you end with one too. Enjoy!

A four-letter word would have been much easier. WTF isn’t a word but a TLA.

Honestly, today I’ve been noticing the self-talk along the lines of “it is going to be ok.” When I realized that was creeping in, I did utter the long version of WTF. I think the housing will work out, unless I get another huge surprise, which is entirely possible. Working out doesn’t equate into easy or unscathed. I think I’ll weather this one, but it has already taken its toll; I’m definitely bruised and battered. I’m also here and breathing, which wasn’t a forgone conclusion a few weeks ago. I’m here now.

Right now I have a job that starts soon and pays me more than I have been making. My friend is helping me again. He isn’t a bottomless pit of money, but so far it appears that I should have a roof over my head somewhere.

So, right now? Now is ok. Now has problems, but it has at least a few scribbles on the slate of the future where just a few weeks ago that slate was very blank. Now I should be cleaning my apartment, but I’m not going to do that. Instead I’ve been amusing myself with making images in Second Life and shopping with my avatar.

My latest image is a rare case in which I used my 1995 version of Photoshop and my really crappy mouse. I didn’t realize until I had finished it that the picture is a positive one, akin to the song I posted on Thursday. Right now, this moment, I’m ok. I’m grateful for that, leery, but grateful. For now.

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The Phoenix