This 100-word poem was in response to one of Chuck Wending’s prompts “Why we need hope in the face of its opposite.” This wasn’t exactly what was asked for, but it is what came out of my virtual pen. Originally published on January 24, 2017.

Rituals of hope

The world screams
Discontent on every page
Enraged colors
Clashed orange, pink, gray, green
Sharp corners
Sharp tongues
Speak alternate truths
Wring holes in our souls
Bring hearts in our soles
While Earth spins its daily habit
The Sun makes its rounds
So as above — so below
This quiet magnitude
In measured ritual
Finds the Belleek teapot
Filled with slow measure
Steeped leaves, infused air
Delicate tings of cups to saucers
A plate of Linzer cookies
Ruby throats vying for attention
A reassurance of friends
A murmur, a laugh
The sun rises
The tea pours
Hope stirs in the rituals

The featured image is also a throwback, to Second Life’s 2016 Fantasy Faire. It was the only thing in the vault that I could find that had tea cups. 🙂