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Artic April*

Any April Fool’s prank pales in comparison with what Mother Nature pulled on us.

IMAG0403 crop
Random shot from my kitchen this morning, brought to you by my crappy phone camera. (And you can see that I don’t live in the picturesque part of town.) The snow was momentarily turned off, but it is still snowing throughout the day because we, like, need more of the stuff. And the first few hours of snow yesterday didn’t stick. I think we have about 14 inches of accumulation.

*Double bonus points, woot! Soon I will have all the bonus points, bwahahahaha.


  1. I am so glad we did not get snow here. We are supposed to get a few inches, but it ended up just being soaking rain for two days. I’ll take that any day over the white stuff!

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    1. We were supposed to get rain after. As far as I know it didn’t happen and the snow is still there (although the roads appear clear now).


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