Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “man.” Use it as a word by itself or find a word with “man” in it. Have fun!

Another Friday prompt for Saturday writing already? Where does the time go? For reasons, that I don’t feel like delving into, I am this close to being addicted to SoCS writing. When I don’t do it, I feel off. I will toss off a quick delving and suggest that this is because everything in my life is always so chaotic that having one constant, in this case the SoCS writing, is a necessary and a safe place.

But this week? Oh man, I’ve got nuthin’, I think to myself—and so I type it. OK, where, when and how did “oh man” become an interjection? I’ll bet it has something to do with not saying “oh god,” I speculate. I wonder if it has to do with slavery, and racism, when people would refer to black males as boy? Quick! To the Google machine! There were several interesting posts, the one on Grammarphobia being the most researched.

I love reading things like that.

But I still haven’t come up with a SoCS post. :::irony font::: The only word that is really coming to mind is manage. I spoke with my bff last night, a thirty-year-old academic manboynerd, who is approaching one of those big Oh boy, my life is heading for a big change and I don’t know which way to turn and I’m freaking out game of life changing moments. He’s trying to manage. I have nothing intelligent to add to the mix. I have sympathy and empathy. I worry and care. About all I can do is pop some metaphorical popcorn and watch the drama unfold. He’s a very smart man, educated, with good instincts when he allows them to shine instead of giving in to anxiety. He also has a very supportive family. I’m confident he’ll end up someplace good, but the road to getting there might be interesting. Being an adult involves suckitude.

I’m trying desperately to manage things, instead of life just happening, or circumstances managing me. I’m not having a lot of luck. I think this goes back to the first paragraph of needing and wanting some normalcy to occur in my little universe. I try to save money, and as soon as I get two nickels to rub together, something major happens: My stuff from Kentucky gets delivered (so pay for it!) with no warning; my car doesn’t start (and so what appears the fiasco of the $700 battery begins); I get the stomach flu, again!, and end up in the ER with a $2000 CT to blow through my stupidly high insurance deductible. And so on.

I tried  to save for snow tires, and failed, and here we are in the middle of March with a recent storm that just plopped a few feet of snow on the ground. I managed not to die as I drove my Mustang, sans snow tires, through all of that. It was a close call. The Kentucky delivery saw most of my stuff in some kind of ruin, from mold and mildew, to stains, to breakage. I have a very good leather recliner, the only comfortable chair I now own, which is in pieces and got covered in mildew. There is a local place that can repair it. I’m trying to save money for that. I owe the bff a few thousands of dollars, as he’s the one who kept me from being quite literally homeless.

I’m failing at time management. There just isn’t enough of it. Because of my knees, I also move slowly, so things that shouldn’t take a lot of time do. Work. Ugh. I keep hearing that 1980’s song, “Working for the weekend.” (I thought that was Huey Lewis, but it is Loverboy.) Ain’t that the truth? And because I don’t have a wife (everyone needs a wife), weekends are also “Oh, man! The house is a pit, there is no clean laundry and wtf am I going to eat because I have to go to the store” days.

Speaking of what to eat, and time management, my current humongous (literal and figurative…also a pun) project is weight management, and trying to figure out how to do that. Being a woman of a certain age seems to be fucking things up, no surprise, but I was hoping that I’d buck that trend. Nope. Having GI issues, then the stomach flu, also didn’t help. Writing about things helps, so I’ve been trying to find time to write to my other blog, which is only about food, weight loss, and lately a lot about poop. Writing there means I’m not writing here, about things marginally more interesting and appealing than bodily functions.

Not enough time, not to do the things I need to do, certainly not to do the things I want to do. Time time time… Apparently my stream of consciousness involves a bunch of neurons firing off old song lyrics—some better than others. (Btw, for you statistics lovers, no one ever clicks the links, videos, etc. that are included in blogs. I’ve read articles about that. There’s not enough time…)


  1. I click links a lot, almost always play the music 🙂 I’ll let them play and come back to read.

    I hope some good stuff starts happening. Progress can be unbearably slow at times.

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  2. That is a lot to manage, but it sounds like you are doing it. It stinks when life piles so many problems on you at once. Just keep chipping away and crossing items off the list. Eventually, life will give you a break and let you get caught up. At least, that’s MY plan for you:)

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    1. Thanks! I’ll take your plan. People have been saying for about…ooooh, a decade now…that eventually life will give me a break. The law of averages would suggest this might actually happen! :::taps foot, waiting for when:::

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  3. I enjoyed reading your humor amidst the mess. Glad it helps to write. And I liked how you followed up the weekend song with Simon and Garfunkel. Hang on to your hopes my friend.

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    1. Thanks. Linda’s list of pingbacks and blog links is an excellent source of good blogs to explore. Ah, if only there were more time time time. 🙂


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