Another reason I love Jenny

I don’t often reblog (and, truthfully, I rarely read other people’s reblog posts, but I do sometimes! so don’t just blow this off out of retaliation!).  Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, posted today so much of what the world needs now, some light-hearted fun (at the expense of an Internet spammer, even better), something to take our minds off the craptastic year of 2016 and the looming apocalyptic 2017 (wait, spell check accepts craptastic?). The only negative thing this post does is make you think, “Why can’t I come up with stuff like this?” and “How come I never get offers to be a vampire?”

I’m gonna be a vampire. Maybe.

I always get spam comments on my blog about weird stuff like voodoo spells and contacting the dead, but a few days ago one came in telling me that I could become a vampire.  One of my favorite things to do with these sort of comments is to actually respond and see how far I can take […]

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4 thoughts on “Another reason I love Jenny

  1. My brain hurts now…

    True story: “Pseudo-sister” Claudia (daughter of the people who raised me) once started a support group for vampires, but she ended up disbanding the group because, as she expressed it, they were getting way too many wannabes and not enough real vampires. *rolls eyes*

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