Choose a word or words with the letters “mem” in that order and run with it. Enjoy!

It appears that I have returned to blogging. I’ve rearranged the furniture (selected a new theme). I’ve changed my screen nom de plume (which was not done just to confuse people, although I suppose that’s a plus). I have temporarily set nearly every post from years (!!) of blogging to the private setting so that I can get a handle on this blog thing, and make sure everything is posting as I want it to be posting. Some, but not all, of those now hidden posts will be restored.

I have started to visit some of my old blog haunts, and I am happy to see that most are still with us. Others are much more steadfast bloggers than I am.

I am pondering the content of this blog, past, present and certainly future. It didn’t start out with the intention to be a diary or a memoir, but that what it became. The diary of a depression (still being written). The memoir of… who? That is still undetermined. I thought I knew the answer, but checked Wiki for verification (because if it is in Wiki it has to be true, right?), as to the difference between a memoir and an autobiography. I’ll spare the details but one line caught my eye: “The assertions made in the work are understood to be factual.”

I laughed. Then I wondered why I laughed. The assertions are understood to be factual. As in true? As in the Truth? Factual, as in: A normal adult human has 32 teeth? We’re talking about lives here, in memoirs. There are certainly facts, such as I’m writing Saturday’s SoCS post on Sunday (so sue me). I guess I’ve been through so much and tried to figure out the whys and wherefores of so many events that didn’t have too many facts or singular truths to be found. There were a lot of possibilities of circumstances. There were many interactions with people, all of whom had a myriad of potential motives for various deeds and misdeeds. There were swirls within swirls, without a lot of solid facts on which to cling or to point. That’s my experience with a memoir.

A purely factual memoir would probably be pretty dry reading. One from a perspective, of a kind of truth, would probably be more compelling. I don’t know. I just know I laughed, and those are few and far between. Thank you, Wiki.

Post-posting note: I cannot believe it has been 10 months since my last SOCS. More of those pesky life facts. I could have sworn it was like 3 or 4 months.

SoCS 11/12/16


  1. Glad you’re back, my dear. 🙂 One has to wonder how much of anything is truth these days. Everything runs through the filter of experience. 😉
    I have one participant who’s changed it to “Stream of Consciousness Sunday,” because he’s never on time. I haven’t sued him yet…

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    1. Yeah. Sorry about that. I was hoping people would remember the name of the blog, which hasn’t changed, more than the little avatar doohicky & name. I did it due to my possibly combining the virtual and the real lives a bit more, to add a bit of extra layer for the trolls to get through.

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            1. You, YOU, the person who is positively sunny and pro-human, especially compared to me, had a malignant troll? Oh ffs. Sorry you had to go through that. On one hand I’m surprised, on the other? Not so much. People. The Internet. Blessings. Curses.

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