This morning I was thinking about writing a short post exclaiming that I’ve had to scrape thick frost off of my car twice now.

That headline got trumped today by… snow! I was shopping at King Arthur Flour’s store in Vermont. When I went into the store it was mostly cloudy with a few sunbeams streaming in. When I came out it was light flurries. By the time I got through taking a couple of photos (below) while still at KAF, it was snowing heavily. The snow followed me to New Hampshire and it snowed heavily for over an hour.

It was really pretty.

It is early for snow!

And amidst the thoughts of, “Ohhh, pretty!” were “OMG I need snow tires and have no money!”

Welcome to New England!

If you look very, very carefully, you can see the snow in these photos, taken at KAF (aka Baker’s Mecca).

snow KAF drive
Taken from the driveway leaving KAF store. Snow!
snow KAF pond
Looking across the pond to KAF store. Snow!
snow KAF
KAF store from the parking lot. Baker’s Mecca gets early snow! You have to look closely, maybe at full scale, but there is snow falling.


  1. Last week we had our warmest Autumn weather in years, I was walking about in a tee-shirt. Last time it was that warm in October, we had our worst winter in years…… We’ll see!

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    1. Yes, it is easy to panic that snow this early means bad things later. All it really means is “we have snow right now.” It didn’t last long. Winter will come. There will be snow. I’ll need tires. More than that? Who knows? 🙂

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      1. I envy your snow. Most years we hardly get any, and winter feels too dreary and interminable. Mind you, the winters of 2009 and 2010 were ridiculous. The Kid even moved out to our neighbours for a couple of days when the pipes froze. I was going round to their house in my dressing gown and wellies to have a shower!

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    1. Yeppers! When I had all the time in the world (no job) I had no money and an illegal car so I couldn’t explore this gorgeous hunk of the country. Now, my car is legal, I have a little bit of money and… no time! 🙂


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