If you have been to a foreign country name those you have been to?

Canada, England (barely), Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy, Ireland, Northern Ireland. I nearly forgot: Austria.

Is the glass half empty or half full? What type of glass is it and what is in the glass?

I know people think I’ll say “half empty” but those people would be wrong. In Myers-Briggs I am an INTP, and the one thing that profile gets right is that I argue with black and white statements or questions. The truth is the glass is. The fluid is. It might be half full or half empty; it absolutely depends, as does the type of glass and the beverage! My favorite glasses are some beautiful, very heavy, feel so good in your hand, cut crystal from Ireland. Let’s put some Bushmill’s single malt in one, ok? (And let’s get them out of pergatory/storage from Kentucky while we’re at it.)

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?

Right now my fantasy wish is to have someone prepare me low-calorie, super nutritious meals that I actually want to eat. Maybe from the chefs from an old cookbook I have called “Spa Food.” They would be high protein, include well hidden vegetables, and sweets. No foods are prohibited but the chefs would know how to do it and would anticipate my moods.

List:  List at least five places worth shopping. (Online)

It has been so long since I have shopped. Shopping? You mean like for necessities and you have to use your EBT card? No? Oh, you mean like when people have discretionary income and can just shop for stuff.

Amazon, mainly for books and videos and downloads. (On the other side of the coin, I now use Amazon almost exclusively because other places like iTunes suck so much.)

Zappos. I love their return policy. I have hard-to-fit feet (since childhood) and their selection is good.

Eye Bobs, well made funky “cheaters” eye glasses for those of us who woke up one morning far-sighted.

Junoia, well made plus-size exercise clothes.

I don’t know if they are worth shopping but I enjoy museum shops like MOMA.

A place I never needed when I lived in California, and actually even Cincinnati, but since then: MexGrocer. 

And last but not least, and also expensive, but, you know, baking… King Arthur Flour. Now no longer an online shopping trip for me.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Grateful to still have a job after two weeks. Grateful for the raise. Grateful that my boss doesn’t appear to be a super jerk. I’m looking forward to the next weekend, which while utterly truthful is probably not the best outlook for a new job. Oh. Well.

Week 40? Eek. I have no idea how I’m going to afford snow tires and week 40? I also need shoes that aren’t sandals and a coat. Details… Winter is Coming!


  1. I love what someone posted concerning the half full/half empty question: “Who cares? The glass can be refilled!” 😉 Oh,and congrats on the raise and the positive reinforcement from the boss. That’s great!

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    1. It is a very exclusive, discerning club, too in that it is the rarest of the types. Here’s raising a drinking receptacle that is at half its volumetric capacity with liquid at ya!

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