Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “four-letter word.”  Use any four-letter word as your theme.

Real. My philosophy books are buried in boxes in a deeply rural farm in south eastern Kentucky. That might be a good thing, otherwise I might be mired in searching, searching, seeking and the frustrations of not finding. You’ve gotten a small taste of my mind churning with little posts berating Descartes.

Reality is perception. Simplistic aphorisms, often containing a degree of truth, lead us astray by making us think that simple is better, less is more, and wisdom can fit in a paper inserted into a folded cookie. Reality is perception. I can also be totally unaware by other realities, like that bus over there, that I’m about to step in front of because my mind is elsewhere. Eventually that reality will coincide with my perception, too, albeit in a flash.

Western philosophy spends so much time trying to prove things that can’t be proven, so much mind masturbation to occupy the neurons. Eastern philosophy is a bit more practical once you get past the cacophony of one hand clapping.

Believe in science. There be reality there, and also the dragons, when things change and our deeply held faith in natural laws and theories get blow to smithereens, dashed on our prows. Belief has to precede all that science, though. Think about it. There has to be some guiding force behind all that scientific method slogging. We believe we will learn something, move us closer to the truth, to what is real. Energy exists. Perhaps energy is all that exists. I think, therefore I am energy? Unless I’m just a dream, a perfectly programmed head in a jar and even then?

Energy as consciousness? Or are they separate? Where do thoughts come from? Saying “the brain” leaves you a few centuries behind (or millennium if you are of an eastern bent). Physical is spiritual is geology is biology is as above as below. Our thoughts buzz, a blip of chemical reaction; our emotions gurgle in our gut— communicated to a neuron. Our reality is real. Our reality is floating in the soup of energy, in and through everything and everyone, our limited perceptions screaming differences so large as to be unreal that we are all the same thing. The same creative energy, indifferent, without judgement, experiencing itself through consciousness, turning back in on itself, expanding and contracting and creating. It is maybe never ending love, much more and much less than your average god.

Or all of this is mindless blather, spurned on by a blip of a nanosecond’s chemical reaction, some symptom of malady in a perhaps ill mind.


    1. Yes. (Also, the miracle of the “simple” mechanics of just walking across a room…science has yet to replicate it.) However, just to be ornery… you said that “thoughT has managed to evolve!!” Has *thought* evolved or has thought always been there, consciousness waiting to be pricked. Is it we who have evolved enough to hear the thought? What came before?


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