I had my first little road trip adventure today. The closest Bed, Bath and Beyond is located in an equally small town in Vermont. Rutland to be precise. To get there from here it is about a 53 mile trip, most of it on narrow and winding VT Rte. 4, through ski country. The timers online that say “about 1 hour 15 minutes” must be smoking something. The highest speed on the road is posted at 50 mph, and believe it or not, most people stay within the posted limits, especially through the small towns where Mr. Policeman is idling by the side of the road waiting to say “howdy” to those who think they should make the trip in 1.25 hours.

As an aside, I still think I’m from the Bay Area, or heck, even Cincinnati, because planning a trip to BBB as an excursion that involves mountainous terrain is just…weird.


It is an absolutely perfect, beautiful, summer’s day in New England. The countryside is amazingly gorgeous. The drivers on my Sunday drive were nice and didn’t make me feel guilty for putzing along at the speed limit. Ahhhhhhh. If only I were the passenger. I like driving but I like hanging out the window even more and yelling, “STTTOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP!” abruptly so that I can get a picture of something.

There were so many places TO stop. But I didn’t have a camera with me. Next time. The scenery isn’t going away.

The first adorable New England town I came to is Qeechee. With a name like that it has to be cute. And it is. But just down the road is Woodstock. Pack your credit cards and your insulin supply (even if not diabetic) if you stop here. Driving through was bad enough. It is New England architecture wonderful. It is tree-lined (then again, everything around here is). Interesting looking cafes and restaurants.  Art galleries, craft galleries, BoHo clothing shops… It reminds me of Mendocino, CA without the ocean. Maybe Carmel, though Carmel is probably even more upscale. The cars lining the streets give an indication. I saw a pretty green Lotus… The town is sweeeeeeeeeet (hence the insulin reference).


I didn’t stop, which was ok.

The trip to BBB cost me a little over $200, which for me is HUGE. Yes, I just got paid. I needed exciting things like clothes hampers, some cookware, good hangers. It has been eons since I’ve spent so much money! I went in with a list and stuck to the list. Every dollar I spend keeps my furniture in Kentucky that much longer. But…. OK, I’ll admit it. Today was one of the first days back to being a human. Having the apartment is a huge deal. Being able to get into the car and drive for PLEASURE is something I haven’t done in literally years. I couldn’t afford to do it in Kentucky. Deciding to spend $4 extra to get a cuter sponge holder than I can get at the local grocery store… as they say, “Priceless.”

All photos are Google images having to do with Woodstock (including the cheese board).


  1. Please keep up these posts when you have the time and energy! I am living vicariously through you because I am still stuck in the basement, ok, the garage, with the threat of daily eviction. I NEED to know it will have an end and I will also become human again. (((hugs)))


  2. I’m impressed with your good taste. Personally, for that kind of stuff I find the nearest shopping center or mall and go to Target or Walmart. Just my opinion, but quaint is for tourists, not housewares. For everything else, there’s Amazon.

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    1. Heh. You missed the part of the post where I said I didn’t stop at Woodstock. The shopping spree was in Rutland at the Bed, Bath and Beyond (on par with Target). I don’t even know where the nearest Target is… that may be my next jaunt,. Places like Woodstock are for cool clothing, and crafts (I love interesting pottery, loomed pieces and art glass). There’s zero in the budget for THAT stuff for years, I think,


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