Just a short post to mark what I view as an important mile stone: I have moved into my apartment. I will have no more to do with the basement dungeon (or its dungeon master).  There’s a lot to do still but all of my belongings that made it to New Hampshire and are still viable are now in the apartment. Tomorrow is the first test drive of my 5-ish minute commute.

A colleague from work and her husband moved my bed up here, finalizing the whole move. Thank goodness for them, they were not only a big help but they also helped to circumvent the pissy BS the housemate was giving me about him helping me. I’m fine with the ex-housemate not knowing my exact address at the moment, too.

A gorgeous day in New Hampshire. If even the majority of New England summer days are like what we’ve been having, I’ll be really pleased.

Very pleased. My new life is officially started.


    1. Heh, the funny thing is that I was just as “alone” living in the dungeon with the housemate as I am now, but omg, is it ever so much more relaxing without the constant thundercloud of his personality….not to mention not breathing in his chain smoking.

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