Things I’ve noticed, in no particular order:

* I got my first paycheck!

I’ve spent my first paycheck!



Sigh. While my checks will be enough for me to live on, within, whatever the correct word is, and I will be able to save some; I owe a ton of people two tons of money. I had some very kind folks who got me TO this place, and they’ve been patient for years. They are still being patient. But one loan, for $2000, which went towards my first month’s rent and the deposit, has to be paid down rather quickly. By the way, in Canada, so I’m told, landlords can’t charge that whole first/last month’s rent deal—another reason to migrate towards the mooses.

* My mood is lifting the closer I get to moving into my apartment. Can’t imagine why…

* Summer in New England can be downright cold! And I love it. It went from Holy Moly Will Winter Never End? and 20 foot banks of snow, to about a week of normal spring weather, then it blazed into the 80s. This week it has been stuck in the 50s and rainy and it is just fine with me. I loved the weather in Ireland, San Francisco and Seattle, so that’s a clue.

* There always has to be the fly for the ointment. There is a Physician’s Assistant that I work with that is the biggest pain in the ass imaginable. She has the people skills of Bozo on crack. There will be stories… except I’m trying to figure out this whole privacy thing on the blog. I want to be candid and honest. That’s why I started the blog. But I mentioned trolls and pictures in another post, and I’d kinda like to keep my job so when I start ranting about the rabid PA, you know, I’d kinda like it to stay “here.” So I’m thinking. (ow)

* I’ve mentioned that the people in New England are friendly, and they are. Genuinely friendly. However, I notice they hold talk close. They don’t divulge a lot. This was true in Ireland, as well. My I’ve-Spent-Decades-In-California over-sharing is being noticeable to me, if not to others. The other problem is that I have had no one to talk to for years, and it was especially bad since moving to the basement. I find that I want to talk. To anyone. About anything. That’s understandable but, um, not that wise (or appreciated by others).

*People are hard.



  1. Do you mean landlords in Canada don[‘t charge first/last month’s rent? Renter’s have a lot of rights here. In Toronto and surrounding areas anyway. And unfortunately landlords here do charge first and last month’s rent upfront before moving in.

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    1. Heh… I asked the Canadian who told me about your question. You’ll understand this… he was talking about “Quebec, not Canada.” 🙂 Even still, you guys do have a lot of rights we don’t.

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      1. Ahhhhh yeah that makes sense now. Quebec does their own thing – they still kinda wanna be their own country. We’re a very “diplomatic” country lol; Wanting to keep everyone happy and upholding everyone’s rights…

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    1. The bed is being moved on Sunday, so I will more or less (or perhaps entirely) be moved into the apartment on Sunday. For sure I’ll be spending the nights there starting Sunday. I’ve been moving in little batches…rather than pack the car to the nth degree like I did moving out. So I throw some things into the Mustang in the morning and then after work stop by the new place and dump (errr, carefully place) the junk (items). That’s why there isn’t a hard and fast Time. But you know I want out of there.

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  2. Woohoo, payday!

    I hope you get the privacy thing worked out on your blog.

    I’m glad things are generally looking up. That sounds like a nice area to live in, compared to my area where no one is reserved and will gladly tell you business you didn’t even know you had. 🙂

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    1. Heh, yes, there’s kind of over-sharing in CA, but that differs from the “know everbody’s bizzyness” that was rife in KY. I’m fairly reserved… just pent up! 🙂

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  3. “Genuinely friendly. However, I notice they hold talk close. They don’t divulge a lot.”—-Yes! I notice the same thing when I visit my family in New Hampshire and have put it almost the same way. I tell my mother, “People here are so nice, but they’re also reserved.” As someone who’s quite reserved herself, and–I hope–quite nice, I feel I fit in there. But I can see where that would be difficult if you wanted someone to bounce things off of. It will happen. It will just probably take more time. Congrats on the first paycheck!

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