I am officially a cog. Today was the first day of being paid. There was an official orientation and it was fun watching everyone trying not to fall asleep.

I saw a picture of a patient who caught fire when some medical gadget caught his blanket on fire. Not a good day at work. There was just someone there with a camera handy?

So, I am employed. (bitch bitch bitch)

The rest of the week is training. I don’t go to my department until next week. Tomorrow I get half a day on the electronic health record software. I know a few doctors here in the blogosphere who LOVE EHRs…

Meanwhile, apartment hunting is just awful. I did figure something out. I drove by one place in my “price range” and it was appalling. An old, gray, peeling paint, box plopped down in the middle of a plain lot, with no grass or landscaping. The building butts up against a busy main street and the closest buildings are a diesel fuel depot and a car parts store. The place has all of the cub appeal of a 2-week old dead cat.

A while back I wrote about 30% of your pay for housing is often cited as a good amount to allot for all things housing. That won’t even get me a closet around here. However, in most states you need to budget housing on a separate line from taxes. New Hampshire doesn’t have income or sales tax, but does gouge land owners with property taxes. I estimated what an income tax would be (like in Ohio) and subtracted that from the rents here, to get more of a “true” rent and that does help. It isn’t just splitting hairs or renaming the same thing to make it more palatable.

But Jeez, Louise. For $1000/month is it too much to ask for a livable one-bedroom apartment? One that at least has laundry on site (coin-ops in the basement or something)? Something more than 450 sq. feet? It is not looking promising.

Meanwhile, today was just a beautiful day in New England. Literally picture perfect. If I had a camera… I drove from my job down the 30 miles to where I live and I took another back road. Gah! Around every turn there was PHOTO OP!!! There had been some rain, so the roads were car-commercial pretty-wet, but then it cleared so the sky was blue with nice clouds. Everything in bloom. So, so, so nice.


  1. Sometimes if you go just a little further outward on your search, you can find something. Also “illegal” apartments — where someone is renting a “mother” suite — and not reporting the income … there are always such places locally in New England. They are MUCH cheaper than “market rate.” And often very nice places, too. We rent the downstairs of our house for $400/month (3 rooms and a bath) (cash, thank you). It includes heat, electricity, air conditioning, cable & Wifi. We do NOT advertise. This market is word of mouth only. Ask people. People know people.

    The price of no personal taxes in NH is high for homeowners. It is ghastly expensive to own a home there — and it’s not easy around here, either. Just worse, there. This whole region is up there with Beverly Hills, price-wise.

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    1. Today at a break in my work training, several locals talked about the housing situation when I brought it up. At least I found out I wasn’t crazy and it is as bad as it seems. I don’t get it. I’d love an illegal place. 🙂 I’ll probably keep looking even after I get a place, even though I hate moving.


    1. Well, how the hell should I know? That’s tomorrow. 🙂 I think they said, when I was interviewing, that they are changing to a different one in just a few months. Oy.

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  2. Some of my family members live in New Hampshire, and my sister has struggled more than once to find a place she can afford. I guess not only is the housing expensive, it’s limited to, at least in Keene.

    Good luck with the job! Must feel so good to have started.

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    1. I was just telling another friend that NONE of this has really set in yet. I’m still waiting to feel like, I GOT A JOB! I had another nice thing happen, or two, and I’m just sort of, “OK.” Numb? Maybe it takes moving out of the basement? I keep waiting for a Bipolar 2 manic episode. A neon sign to go off over my head? “The bad luck of five to seven years has taken a turn and you have a good job!” Other shoe needs to drop? It is weird.

      I shouldn’t be in a situation where I’m setting patients on fire, so there is that…

      Keene is also a college town, so that may be it, too. I dunno. I just know that I can get twice the apartment for less money in Cincinnati. $31,000 isn’t a huge salary, but it should be decent enough for a modest apartment! grumble


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